Sunday, January 27, 2008

"Rocky's" speech wows Wonkette

Wonkette 'hopes' we like Obama's Victory Speech from South Carolina. Posted on YouTube, in case you missed it.

It will be great to hear him speak to us for a 4 year term or two-- as President of the U.S.! (He'll put the "us" back into the U.S.).

If he keeps winning elections and making magnificent speeches, Letterman will have to come up with a new bit (YouTube) next year, and Will Smith can get to work on the biopic.

Not sure which nickname I like better for Barack: "Barry" (like in his HS yearbook) or "Rocky" which has more gravitas and "Yes We Can" winning-against-odds appeal. And the first syllable of "Barry" doesn't sound like 'BAH-rock', the way his name is actually pronounced. Gotta go with Rocky, or 'The Rock', except there's already an entertainer using that name (who just happens to look like Obama on steroids. If Barack is elected, look for an SNL sketch along those lines.)

On to Super Tuesday, where it looks close.


Anonymous said...

Obama Schmobama....

This guy is nothing more than a smile in a suit. Didn't we suffer enough with the current idiot in the White House who also had a thin resume?

Parentheticus said...

Anonymous, you sound like a certain Green Party friend of mine. ;-) Obama's resume may be thin, but it's muscular. Comparing him to W is ludicrous.

Castle Perilous Games said...

Just wish Illinois mattered. With Obama as a "favorite son", he's got 10 points easily on Clinton in the primary and the state will go Democratic for whosoever's on the ticket this fall, so no reason for either major party (no, the Greens are not a major party) to put much effort into either election here.