Thursday, November 30, 2006

Can Dawgs Survive a Bear Market?

If you're not already following it, there is quite a bit of talk around the local online forums and blogs about the upcoming SIU vs. Montana Grizzlies game on Saturday in Missoula. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm eagerly anticipating this contest. This game has all the makings of a classic gridiron battle. The Grizzlies venue is said to be one of the most impressive in all of college football, not just I-AA. Check out this pic. McAndrew it is not.

Our Salukis will be in for a real challenge on Saturday ...temperatures in the low 20's, crowd noise (from a throng of 24,000 screaming fans - and at least one transplanted Saluki Fan) reaching decibel-levels unknown, and a Grizzlies line they affectionately call the "ton of fun." This is a fitting contest to showcase one of the last collegiate battles for a true star in the making - Arkee Whitlock. Did I mention he's a Payton Award Finalist? If you haven't paid much attention to his exploits in the past at SIU (stranded on a deserted island somewhere), then you might want to watch this, and then check this young man out on Saturday. He's special.

On, there appears to me more Grizzly fans than Dawg fans weighing in, when you scan the comments. I'm impressed with the level of decorum the vast majority of Montana fans have displayed ...nice folks. None of them think we have a sliver of a chance to win, but they're nice about it. Deceived, but nice.

We'll be watching the game on our 52" at home, with family and friends, after having been mugged by Mediacom to the tune of $21.95 to get the game. Ouch. Talk about unnecessary roughness. Had I thought about it soon enough, I should have purchased some Moose Drool to commemorate the event.

Okay, I know that there are those who could care less about SIU football, or any football for that matter but man ... this is gonna be epic. The game is hard to come by on TV around Carbondale, from what I've been told, but I'd bet that there's a place or two in town with DirectTV or Dish Network that'll be showing it. BWW would be my guess, for one. Otherwise, we're starting the festivities at the house around noon ... :)

Go Dawgs and best of luck to the Grizzlies!

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