Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Drupal is not a medicine for colds

Before we all get too settled in here at "blogspot" we should investigate other blogging formats that can organize our posts by category. Apparently the new "Blogger Beta" will do that . . . but NOT for team blogs. This morning I spoke with the James Throgmorton, "ScientistSuperstar" dude about setting the blog up with a Drupal platform blog. "Community Plumbing" . . . I love that.

Drupal is very powerful, offering many other features besides categorizing posts. More than we'll ever need probably, but it's free so what the heck. Mr. T wants me to give him a Plan for this blog, so he can customize the set-up I guess.

I will attempt to develop something and pass it around for suggestions and improvements.


Unknown said...

Great! Are we settled on the name, "Carbondale Bytelife'"? Not that I have an alternative in mind, at the moment, but just thowing it out there to see what the group thinks?

PeterG said...

I vote against any technology that James likes. :)

I liked the name of my old blog better. :)

Anonymous said...

Do you know that you are going to need a server to put up a Drupal site? If so, consider using Mambo. It has the kinds of features you seem to want. I've installed in on a Funpic free server, & it was pretty easy.

or, you could take the philosophy that, "it ain't broke..."

Parentheticus said...

nobody--the link to your name should be blogspot, not bloglines.

we DO have a server to put up the drupal

looking up the difference between Drupal vs. Mambo. I found this review: . It's Drupal, hands down. ;-)