Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Guest Column in today's DE - Here is the building message.

Column: Help, the university is crumbling - Columns This is good reading.

Here is the problem with Saluki Way when viewed from the outside. The University's buildings are crumbling and there doesn't appear that SIU's leadership cares. Maybe they know that eventually the state will cough up the money?

It is hard to believe that $100M or $250M is going to magically fall out of the sky for maintenance of SIUC's buildings without any planning, but what do I know?

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Anonymous said...

If it's any consolation, UIUC is doing the same thing that SIU is (renovating their football stadium while their infastructure crumbles to a tune of $700 million.)

However, if you are to raise student costs, how about doing it for the buildings where most students are at, as well as the programs that are most effective? They were doing this with the Health Center, Library, and Transportation Center, but I don't know why they deviated from their original plan.