Thursday, November 30, 2006

Mexican takeout

Two more Mexican restaurants have opened for business in recent months. . . . One over by Turley Park, and one across the street from Gatsby's.

Haven't tried either, but visited Adelitas yesterday, while waiting for my "Don Davo" burrito (bean, cheese, tomato, cilantro, onion) to be cooked across the street at Don Taco. . . . And I meet Maria who cooks at Adelitas. The menu looks authentic. I told her I would post it on the web in a few days. If this link is active, then the menu's up.

The restaurant near Turley has been "opening soon" for ages. . . . but I hear it finally did, so I will check that one out, next time I'm on a stroll on the West Side of town.

If you eat at Don Taco, be sure to try the "Horchata" or "Jamaica" beverages. Both are non-carbonated, and both delicious. Horchata is sweet rice drink, while Jamaica (pronounced "Ha-Mika") is obtained from the Hibiscus sabdariffa flower. (LaBamba serves horchata, too. In my opinion, if a restaurant doesn't serve Horchata, it isn't truly Mexican.)

So, what's your favorite Mexican restaurant, Bloggee? (Not counting Tres Hombres, which is in a class by itself).


Anonymous said...

Jamaica is great stuff. I drink it hot or cold. It is a traditional Mexican Christmas drink. You can buy Jamaica-flavored gelatin if there are any authentic latino grocers around.

What else is in that building now? I remember Silverball and Running Dog Records. What was the pizza place in there?

Anonymous said...

Many years ago there was an underground pizza place across from Gatsby's called "Gold Mine" -- it was my favorite.

Unknown said...

Ahhh ... a post I can sink my teeth into (literally). I have been to the new Mexican restaurant behind Murdale twice (formally the location of a tanning salon, if memory serves?) What is it called ... "Mi Pueblito," or something along those lines. Forgive me if I butchered it, my Spanish is aweful. We live on the West side of town so it's convenient.

Erin and I both enjoyed it ...both times, at least the food. Big portions and the salsa is pretty good. They charged an arm and a leg for a small bowl of Guacamole though. The TV hanging in the corner on the wall was cranked up and blasting Spanish-language rap??? Despite that, we like some variety and this fits the bill from time to time. Another funny thing, I thought, was the fact that their menu shows a selection of beers ... none of which are actually available. That pesky liquor license thing.

Our staple is Don Taco. Reminds my wife of some restaurants in California that she misses a lot. For me, it's the Horchata! I love the stuff. Goes so well with my 1 taco, 1 tamale combo meal. Right now, Don Taco is my favorite Mexican restaurant in Carbondale, hands down.

Although I like certain aspects of Tres, I'm not a big fan of their food as a rule. The Tequila chicken burrito is rather tasty, though.

Viva Horchata!

Anonymous said...

Tried Adleitas once and was underimpressed. The really outdated groceries in the room at the back didn't help matters much. I've been to Mi Pueblito's once and really liked it. Much better than Tres, which is heavily Americanized Mexican. Don Taco and La Bambas are both good but I'd give my money to Mi Pueblito's over any of tohe others

PeterG said...

Being a bit of a West Coast Mexican food snob, I'll weigh in. I like Don Taco best, anything with Carintias (I wonder who you spell it?). Tres is just bad if you aren't drunk. La Bambas always upsets me stomach, but I have people I trust tell me it is the best place in Carbondale (but not as good as Sergio's in Murphy). That new place behind Murdale is pretty Americanized, but not bad. What we really need is a Baja Fresh in town.

Everyone needs to eat at Cafe Rio in Salt Lake, Ooba's Mexican Grill in Kirkland, WA or Sal's in Oxnard, CA and get the real deal.

Anonymous said...

My favorite no longer exists; it was behind the Longbranch on the parking lot between East Jackson and East Oak, facing the railroad tracks.