Wednesday, November 08, 2006

OK, I'm good for one more post - Wendler given the hook at SIUC

In the best news that I have heard for sometime, Uncle Walt has been shown the door by Glenn Poshard. Here is the best version I could find in 10 minutes from the press. The DE's version isn't bad, but they missed the key quote from Poshard that the AP reporter picked up.
"We're the only public university in the state losing students," Poshard said. "We have to turn this around."
Two down and about 10 more to go. There might be hope after all?


Anonymous said...

Sorry, Peter. That is not the key quote. The key quote was something to the effect of "we are not abandoning Southern at 150".

SIUC will continue to lose students if it continues to pursue the core of Southern at 150.

PeterG said...

I can fix Southern at 150 by deleting 5 passages and reordering priorities. Yes, I have read it.

Throwing out Wendler and then Southern at 150 in one day was to much. The new guy will get to throw out Southern at 150, or at least the parts that are stupid. There is lots to love in that document as well.

It just the stupid people management that failed for Wendler and his buddies. Top 75 research as a key was just stupid.