Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Standing O

Mayor Brad Cole delivered his 4th Annual State of the City Speech yesterday, recounting the City's progress, and his ideas for the future. When he announced his intention to seek re-election most of the people in the room rose from their seats and applauded. The media table remained seated, as did about 20% of the room, including (I imagine) mayoral candidate Sheila Simon, sitting in back.

All the other Council members were present, too, except for Joel Fritzler and Lance Jack, the latter probably working at Harbaugh's which he helps run (arguably the best all-around independently owned breakfast-lunch restaurant in The 'Dale, although Mary Lou's restaurant has its own loyal fans-- especially among the bisquits and gravy crowd).

The crowd pictured here had dined on Great Boars of Fire barbecue with salad and sides, only minutes before the standing O which may have aided their digestion.

Unfortunately the anticipated "Bloggers Convention" failed to materialize. I found only Cindy (winner of the Name that Blog! contest) standing by the door. An avid music lover, and occasional amateur performer, whose MySpace blog recounts her life in retirement, and includes a photo. Shawn (the Beer Philos'pher) was there, too, but we didn't hook up. And Peter and the shadow man could not attend due to circumstances beyond their control.

The mayor spoke for about an hour . . . Besides his big announcement, the audience also applauded his intention to crack down on school truancy, and his statement that "it helps to have Faith on your side" (an allusion to his secretary, Faith Johnson). Also, the Mayor's promise to continue to waive the City's portion of the property tax had people putting their hands together counting their money, after the applause.

One of the things that hasn't been much noticed before, is how much the Mayor promotes art in our community. Each table had placed in the center three colorful artistic tiles, created by local school children. . . . In his speech, Cole told us that thousands of these will decorate the upstairs' hallway in City Hall

Since I've been helping out with the Mayor's web site, I won't say too much in favor of "Hizzoner" -- I'll let his accomplishments speak for themselves -- or rather the accomplishments of many people, including the City Council. But will the Mayor's 2007 Plan pass muster with Mister Peter Gregory? With candidate Ms. Sheila Simon? With Dr. Jessica Davis?

How about you, Bloggee? Will you give Mayor Cole's announcement a "standing O'" or a sitting 'no'?


PeterG said...

I think that Lance Jack isn't doing Harbaugh's anymore. Don't know the details and don't know what Lance is up to now, but I'm sure the jungle drums say Lance is out.

Parentheticus said...

:: Jason Lee reports The Southern Illinoisan: "In an interview Tuesday, Simon said she wasn't surprised by Cole's decision and looks forward to an open debate on issues affecting the city.

'This means that the campaign gets more exciting, which I'm happy about,' Simon said. 'I think we'll be able to have a good debate on how things are going in Carbondale as well as the future of the city.'

Davis said Cole's move to enter the race wouldn't change her campaign strategy, adding that having more candidates would make for 'a healthier democracy.'

Davis also pledged to avoid negative criticism.

'I'm not running against anyone,' she said. 'I'm presenting myself as a servant leader for the Carbondale community.'"

Unknown said...

Yep, I think Lance has been out of the picture for several months now at Laura's place ...

Good recap, Dave. Again, sorry we didn't meet up. I had to skip out pretty quickly after the speech ended, so I didn't have the opportunity to seek you out.

Parentheticus said...

Do you notice how the links take you directly to the place in the speech where it occurs?

I like Lance. In the early days of this blog, I would always follow his last name with some variation of "off." As in the statement "Lance Jack often parties," or "Lance Jack, off the record ..." that sort of thing. I told him about it, and he was a good sport. But if he ran again, I'd vote for Hugh Williams. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm rather suprised he's running again. I've always viewed Mayor Cole as someone who's positioning himself for higher office. Maybe two more years as mayor then take a run at Costello's seat?