Thursday, November 09, 2006

Why fire him now - a little note on Wendler's "removal"

Wendler ousted - Campus from the DE.

The best reason to remove Wendler now is to allow formation of a search committee now. This allows you to find someone to start by next Fall and put this behind you. If you wait to can him until May or August, you have another whole year doing the search. Timing wise, this is the right thing for SIU.

Now that Wendler is out, can we start calling it SIU again now? Can it be "S"outhern Illinois again too? I'm sick of "Southern" and "southern Illinois". When did Southern Illinois stop being a region of the United States? When did SIU change its name? There is a university called "Southern" already.


Anonymous said...

"Southern" is ingrained in the fight song, ever hear the people at the basketball games "Go Southern Go, that's all the words we know..."

People have called SIU that for a while, I think that was his way of going around calling it SIUC, the designation of this school that I really hate. Better to call it Southern than SIUC in my view.

Anonymous said...

In Chicago, people know this place two ways 1) full of drunken yocals 2). Southern.

Anonymous said...

It's actually "yokel" Mr. Anonymous Cosmopolitan

Anonymous said...

A large percentage of the drunken yokels are from Chicago!